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acknowledged Overstocked hats are not hidden from the 2nd stage of buying

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A user came into support recently having an issue buying hats because it said that he could not afford the hat, even though he was trading in several items that were worth more than the hat he was buying. It turned out one of the items was overstocked in the specific bot that he was assigned to, but did not notify the user that it was overstocked at all, instead opting to simply remove the hat from the trade which made him unable to pay for the item. 



  • User selects hat X to buy from global buy menu.
  • They select hats 1 2 and 3 to pay for said item which combined, are the cost of hat X
  • When they go to trade the items, the bot realizes it has too many of hat 2 and subtracts it from the trade
  • The value of the other two hats isn't enough to pay for hat X, so the bot cancels the trade and displays a "You cannot afford this" Error
  • The user is not notified at all that hat 2 is overstocked

The solutions I would advise is either having the buy menu select a different bot with hat X that isnt overstocked on any of the trade in hats and/or displaying an error that one of the hats they are using to pay is overstocked and therefore cannot be used to buy the item.


Hope this is useful.


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