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Corrupt a wish :3


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1 hour ago, Chiggy1234567 said:

Granted, but they become illegal and you get vac banned for obtaining it

i wish for steam wallet funds or a fresh glass of fresh water

Okay. I will choose funds. Giving you $0.01, treat it well~

I wish for people to understand me.

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No wish
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You're now dead.   I wish for another piece of paper

Granted, but it speaks Russian.   I wish for a fan that can do both hot air and cold air.

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Alright! Now people understand you! But for it they know ever single thing of you, EVERYTHING. So if you have something shameful....they know that too, and will judge you about it, WITH THEIR EYES.


I wish to be able to play a kazoo perfectly.

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Granted. Bananas are now red and so is everything else in the world, making it impossible to distinguish anything from anything else. 


I wish people who would respond to my trade offers instantly.

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