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Corrupt a wish :3


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*gibs burrito* but it's a literal burrito, which means donkey in spanish. And he bites. Hard. Verryy harddddd.


I wish for eternal suffering in hell for the next poster

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You're now dead.   I wish for another piece of paper

Granted, but it speaks Russian.   I wish for a fan that can do both hot air and cold air.

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Granted, you have now every hat in tf2 history, and, as a bonus, I've made them aw smokey unusuals!

Now all of that smoke is starting to accumulate in your lungs, leading to a catastrophic result.


I wish that the next poster doesn't corrupt my wish

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Alright. Your wish is granted and won't be corrupted...HOWEVER! YOu just corrupted it yourself by wasted a perfectly fine wish to be used to help the world or yourself, so it's a lose lose. I mean..children could have ATE that wish!


NOW! What I wish is to cure headaches, I have a really bad one right now.

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Granted, You have now the power to cure headaches, the method, however, is controversial

By using a really obnoxiously loud sound at someone's ear, this makes their headache goes away... Together with a head explosion


You've tested it on yourself, by the way


I wish for the power of being able to fly

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Granted! I have created a wormhole that connects two places together in the Space-Time Continuum, and you are to visit yourself on a parallel Earth and have a good chat, except that planet is doomed by an incoming comet that will destroy all of life on that planet. (We have like, 50 more episodes till Namek explodes!)


I wish for more snow

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Granted, but due to the speed you think and type, you destroy every keyboard and utencil to write on paper you ever touch. That and and a side effect that you eventually also start to talk too fast until nobody understand what you say and your fingers have huge blisters due to the speed on you that your body can't controll yet.


I wish I could draw better

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WhoaI'mWritingTooFastOhMyGod *Breathes*


Granted, you can now draw better, they are so beautiful that are now exposed in a museum, that got robbed, and they blame you because your drawings were the only thing there

Now you're getting sued



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5 hours ago, (Ace) F I L I A said:

Granted! But you'll have an eternal brain freeze in exchange of a refreshing treat. Fair trade.


I wish to have controll over The WORLD




As a result, tons of people got squashed and died


I wish I was good at image editing

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Words Words Words
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Granted. You are now the smartest person in the field of sandwich engineering.


Also, did you say the stupidity would be contagious? Because I wish for a million dolla-asINIFDSKHSLmcdsknmfJHEFBAudis  

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You now have many dolla-asINIFDSKHSLmcdsknmfJHEFBAudis. I'm not exactly sure what those are, but your order was mistaken and now you have a googolplex of them. They soon become too much to handle, eventually encompassing the Earth and suffocating everyone, with you at the epicenter.


I'm immune to stupidity, so that's something. I just wish that the entire Internet was immune to it too...

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