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Best Way to Profit Off a Key

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I understand buy low and sell high, but I don't really understand how this works. If everyone wants to buy low, then how are you supposed to sell high? 

I have a key and am looking to profit from it, whether it be gaining a ref or two. Can someone point me in a SPECIFIC direction as to what to do first? 

Every time I make a post selling something, it either
A) Never gets bought
B) People buy someone else's item because they have time to bump way more often than me

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In short, there is none. In it depends on the market, and it's best not to use auctions to do it. You have to do it the old fashion way and find a real person on either a trade server or somewhere else and negotiate. Yes sometimes it works for auctions but usually, it won't. Remember no matter how much it seems like a game, there is no easy way in trading.

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