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not bug Bot queueing for a non-existant trade for several hours

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Several hours ago I traded with ScrapTF | Scrapta Clause to receive some weapons. The bot sent me the same trade offer 3 times and I only accepted one of the trades. I got the items but the bot didn't say that my trade was finished at scrap.tf's site so it kept me in the queue. When I checked the queue's "Trade Offer" button it just led me to a page saying that the trade doesn't exist. I don't use scrap.tf's Trade Offer button link to accept the trades, I accept them through Steam's own plugin.


This happened at around 10 AM CET+1.


After that I waited for the bot to reset, joined some raffles etc. but it wouldn't snap out of it. I can't trade with the other bots, I can't get my auction wins, just nothing. I tried to log out to see if the bot still remembers the queue and it does.

Please fix?

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Not a bug, just an error with the bot. Please make threads like these at the Help&Support forums as I've told you on discord.


I've kicked you out, feel free to try again.

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