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Remove or change the "You already read the rules. No need to accept them again." message

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I've seen multiple instances where a ! User is mislead from properly rereading the rules simply because they receive the above message whenever they attempt to accept them again. I would even go as far as call it a bug, as it appears even when a ! User has improperly read the rules. 


Here is a recent example of this issue, while I don't have any other screen grabs saved, I've witnessed this same scenario happening on multiple occasions - 




I would suggest one of the following changes to be implemented


(A) Remove it entirely, why would such a message even be necessary? Users that are re-accepting them are most likely doing so to refresh themselves of the site's guidelines.


(B) Reword it to prevent any confusion, if a ! User has improperly read the rules but they're constantly getting this message, that's just unnecessary frustration. Here's a rough edit of a potential rewording, keep in mind that this should only appear for ! Users - 


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