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Need help with potato laptop running unturned

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My game keeps crashing after several minutes of gameplay (40-30, then 10-8 and finally 5-3 min.). I checked the minimum windows requirements and my potato laptop barely checks out, it can't even reach the recomended specs... I know if your computer or laptop can't even check out for the recommended specs you're pretty much stuck and you can't do anything to fix that, but i still have some hope, so i came here to ask anyone if i can squeeze out some performance out of my laptop so it could probably run this game smoothly without crashing.

I know this isn't the place to ask these kinds of questions, but you have to sell your soul to steam if you wanna start a topic there and i'm not old enough nor do i have enough money to be a P2P player to start a topic like this there.

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Added some more clarification to why i am doing this

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If you're laptop doesnt meet  requirements or barely does it speaks for itself, you can try tweaking some config files or in game settings, other then that you're pretty much out of options.

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