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Need help with potato laptop running unturned

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My game keeps crashing after several minutes of gameplay (40-30, then 10-8 and finally 5-3 min.). I checked the minimum windows requirements and my potato laptop barely checks out, it can't even reach the recomended specs... I know if your computer or laptop can't even check out for the recommended specs you're pretty much stuck and you can't do anything to fix that, but i still have some hope, so i came here to ask anyone if i can squeeze out some performance out of my laptop so it could probably run this game smoothly without crashing.

I know this isn't the place to ask these kinds of questions, but you have to sell your soul to steam if you wanna start a topic there and i'm not old enough nor do i have enough money to be a P2P player to start a topic like this there.

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Added some more clarification to why i am doing this
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