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Why is scrap.tf against trade holds?

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I do not own a phone, so i cannot get rid of valves stupid ideas, i'm sure some others have similar problems as well. Yet scrap.tf completely refuses to accept trades with escrow, along with all the other bot sites i've tried. And i know it accepts raffle wins with trade holds, but that is the only thing, it doesn't even accept making raffles when you have a trade hold.

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Wanted to add info from raffles.
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Hypothetical scenario: someone with a lot of keys/metal/items on hand decides to "buy up" the entirety of a bot's inventory. This someone is also an escrow account. Due to how escrow works, neither this person nor the bot have these items on hand, thus rendering the bot useless for trading due to having an insufficient inventory. This person can then cancel the trades and reinstate them whenever they wish, and keep the bot out of commission until someone intervenes.

This is not, to my knowledge, the official reason why Scrap.TF refuses to trade with escrow accounts, however it's a pretty good deterrent to allowing escrow accounts to trade with the bots. It's too ripe to abuse, and all it takes is one asshole ruining it for everyone else.

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Glad someone else wrote it out :P Also as of why raffle winners are different is since (if I'm not mistaken) they have a time frame to accept(/get) their winnings thus making the scenario Shiny Substitute mentioned less severe. Not sure about the other way but I think that's gotta do something with then the bot being able to remember occupied spaces. Since if the bot gets full before your trade hold expires you have to wait again.

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