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not bug Can't Deposit/withdrawal from Site (Account Inventory Bug)

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My account's inventory for scrap.tf is bugged. It shows I have 0 items in my account inventory but also says my Inventory is full.

I can't deposit or withdrawal any items as the site thinks my account's inventory is both full and empty at the same time.

I recall about 2 years ago give or take I deposited 5 items to my account which I had never removed. My guess would be the site still

has me on record having these items but in reality the items are no longer there. Note: I do not care about these lost items 1 bit

I just want this bug on my account fixed. Here are 2 pictures showing the problem.

Also another note this is my 4th time posting this bug report and it gets deleted every time with no response at all...

If I could at least get some feedback that would be amazing, thank you.



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