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can we see in which storage bot are auctioned items in?

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In my opinion, this would be a nice addition. Maybe add it in the same way as the "inspect in-game" option for skinbanking.


I'm not sure if the developers are interested in this idea as this has been suggested nearly 2  years ago by me, but was rejected:


A temporary workaround I tend to use is to grab the item id via the developer console (inspect element on the item) and then copying the 10 numbers after "data-id" and placing it after https://backpack.tf/item/ (e.g. https://backpack.tf/item/7177400207 ). 

This only works when the item has been indexed by backpack.tf though.

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Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, that's pretty good!


Being honest this would work out well when people have objectors and other decaled items up but Scrap.tf won't load the image for. Maybe a link to the bot's backpack.tf page?

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