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Interesting New Scam


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Okay guys, so thought I should let you all know on this new scam method that got me. I wish to raise awareness to stop other people for fooling for it.


I am an experienced trader with around 900 hours on TF2 and 400 on CSGO, I am not new to trading and thought I knew all the scam methods - but I didn't.


So I get a message from this guy saying "Hey is your knife for sale?" - at this moment I was doing CSGO trading so I was selling a StatTrak M9 Bayonet Safari Mesh which my grandma had purchased for me before this (she is no longer with us) which held a lot of sentimental value to me.

We continued to talk and he told me he had UNTRADABLE steam games, which I could see in his inventory. About 4 copies of GTA V and a few copies of R6S. 

Obviously expecting it to be a scam I said I would be up for it but he would have to go first (I expected him to leave it here knowing I would not send the knife over) but instead, I received the games through (gifted to me) as they were untradable.

Me - being the nice guy I am as well as gaining about £40 overpay (I thought) gave him the knife and I thought that was that.

However 3 days later I get a message from steam saying the games have been taken away due to them being purchased on a stolen credit card / fraud / chargeback.

The guy then had a free knife and instantly sold it to a cash bot - scumbag. 

He later deleted his account - I am guessing because he brought the games with a stolen credit card or something and I have never heard from him since


Moral of the story - when it seems too good to be true, it is usually not true.


Hope you guys stay safe from scams and if any of you have any quick profit making methods I would love to hear them as I am currently about 30 keys in debt! 


- Your no.1 girl gamer



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Yeah, I am wondering if authorities should be involved - not because of the scam but because this guy is drawing back money / using fake credit cards and probably earns a lot of money of this.


I sure know that I myself had no clue this scam existed - until someone tells you who knows, that's why I thought I would share it. Thanks for your reply mate.

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some scammers are just going to do a shit like this just to get your items for money just like what happened toHyx0 here and I've seen some other scammers try to profit from the new CHARITY event just to get your fucking account either we try to make a difference the trade market or just take it


I think you can tell how much those scammers fucking piss me off

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