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A Pre-texted room in chat to let people know that normal chat is not for support.

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I have been in the scrap's chat for awhile now and I have seen a lot of people came in asked for support (even though there are multiple warnings stated that the chat is not for help) get kicked off instantly, which from an outsider PoV, is really agressive, even though is it entirely their fault to ignore the warnings.


I know that it's irritating to tell people that the chat is not for support everytime they asks with multiple warnings before that, but instant kicks could do bad for the staff's reputations, so I come up with a friendlier way to tell people that the chat room is not for help: 

Instead of kicking them out instantly, we should make a room that is pre-texted with FaQ and boot them off the "home" room to there! or when people choose the "I need help" button, send them here instead.


Example: browser_2018-12-17_22-49-30.png.0507cc1d87671e591b953274767c8c03.png


Staff members' reputation is always bad cause people are very demanding, they see the staff as gods that can fix all problems, but when they don't, people would generate hates for the staff even they are working the hardest, even in harsh times, doing instant kicks would just fuel that hate.

TL;DR: Make a room with pre-texted FaQ to send people to whenever they come into the chat for support.

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