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Natural (no more credibility)

Why Is There No Garfield Emotes Yet?

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13 hours ago, Natural said:


1. It'd have to be in the Custom Emote Suggestions thread (though it's closed ATM)

2. Needs to be PNG, and preferably with Transparent Background.

3. Needs to be of higher quality, looks a bit blurry.

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On 1/2/2019 at 3:53 AM, Natural said:

Come On where are they Garfield is the only cat that matters I mean look at this, he's just a fat orange cat that's snarky how can we not have him on this site?   


I love it m8 best emote

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17 hours ago, Natural said:

looks like i made some mistakes  on that  ah never mind


But it's amazing my bro

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