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Can something be done about withdrawing steam items from raffles?

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Whenever I withdraw a steam item from a raffle it takes ages to get it to work because there's always an error. If this is on Scrap.tf's side (which I don't think it is), it would be awesome if it could get fixed. I think if it's on steams side, there would still be a few ways to fix it. Some ideas I had were

1) Allow people to reject raffle winnings. This would solve the problem but may cause others 

2) Allow people to make raffles with items won

3) Allow people to make raffles with steam items won


Thanks 🙂

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1) The reject part doesn't sound that bad with a safety option like: "Are you sure you want to reject the winnings". Then again it would probs. kinda feel awful for a raffler to see that the raffle that just ended have its items rejected. So then it would need a time frame but there is a time frame which means it doesn't make that much sense, although I guess after 3-5 days the "reject" would not hit that hard.

2) 3) Well problem with that is (I assume ) is the inventory issues: which bot have which items and they take up space (which is precious).

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