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Favourite playstyle?


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I personally prefer a combination of speed, maneuverability, versatility and damage. So my loadout consists of Sicario (using the smoke to cover objectives and revives when needed) skills that let me aid the team when necessary, let me run fast and survive while running while still keeping my damage output as high as it can be,

I generally run a strong pistol/revolver as my primary source of damage, and use the little friend to annihilate dozers at close range, and the grenade launcher of the little friend to clear paths to objectives.


I like the feeling of being able to shoot high priority targets with ease while speeding through the entire map like sonic on steroids, and still helping the team (or even going as far as completing the whole thing alone)

So i'm a pretty flexible lone wolf type of player, I help when needed but most of the time I run around doing my own things and not caring about the rest of the world.


I'd like to hear what kind of play styles everyone else has. Are you the kind that focuses on nothing but healing your team and making sure nobody goes into custody? or are you the type that likes to annihilate everything in sight? do you rush objectives and care not for the petty squabbles around you?

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