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[HELP] How do I find out who bought an item from me?


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Quite a late response, but just joined the site recently for other reasons. On backpack.tf you can check historical data on your own inventory, and acquire the histories of items you previously had in your backpack. You can also compare two different dates to see what you or another person has gained/lost in a certain time frame to narrow down which item you're looking for. This is your difference in inventory between April 9th and June 6th:



I can see the only thing now missing from your inventory of any particular unique value was a Strange Puggyback. This is it's item history:



Unfortunately, the item has not been parsed in any public inventories yet.


I should add that I'm not at all familiar with how Marketplace.tf works. I'm looking at the listings of some items now, and seeing that there are options to message a seller. Did the buyer contact you, or does the site hold your sales on a bot first?

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