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Enter Raffle on Poll Answer (but not exclusively)

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In addition to the normal method of entering a raffle, I think it would be cool if answering the poll built into a raffle would also enter the user into that same raffle. I think this would be a good way to increase user participation. A lot of times it is easy to simply completely skip the poll and just go for the enter button. I am not saying this as a way to avoid pressing the enter button nor as a way to try and force poll participation (which would probably backfire) but rather as a way to possibly increase engagement within the community. 


For the case in which the poll has already been answered then of course the raffle would have to be entered normally.


Note that this is substantially different from this idea: 


which tries to force users to go through the poll in order to enter at all.


What I am saying is that if users do choose to enter the poll, it could potentially also enter them into the raffle on the same page. Those who do not wish to participate in the poll should remain free to do so.

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