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pending Wrong price shown for cards

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This trading card I have is claiming to be bought by Scrap.tf for 2 keys, but when I go to check the trade on steam is actually sent me an offer for 2 scrap.

Scrap.tf 1.PNG

Scrap.tf 2.PNG

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I traded with a bot which said it would give me 6keys and 40.66 Refined. i got the 40.66 refined but the 6 keys weren't given to me. How can I get my keys?

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Three of the cards in there were said to be worth 2 keys each. It was the Hivers, Beak Thing and Bonedog

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I was trading away my trading cards for metal and such earlier today.  According to this site, a couple of my cards are worth 2 keys each.  Here's proof in this snapshot:



When I accepted the trade, the bot offered me the incorrect amount.  Here's a screenshot of the trade window:



Either my trading cards are not worth 2 keys each or the bot is not giving me the right payment.  Please fix this issue asap.  Thank you.

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