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Price check: Halloween spells items

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Hey! lately i get lots of friend request from people trying to buy my Halloween spell items.
since i haven't been into trading for the past few years i got no clue about the real price of those items
so anythelp will be good 

1. Vintage Direct Hit
Halloween: Exorcism (spell only active during event)

2.The Fast Learner
Paint Color: The Value of Teamwork
Halloween: Sinister Staining (spell only active during event)

3.The Zipperface
Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
Halloween: Voices From Below (spell only active during event)

4.The Original
Halloween: Pumpkin Bombs (spell only active during event)
Halloween: Exorcism (spell only active during event)



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Can't really say what spells are worth now, but one of the last unusuals I picked up (a few years ago) was a Kill-a-watt Officer's Ushanka for the Heavy with Sinister Staining and Voices from Below. The seller asked maybe for a key more than the other sellers, and it was in the low 20s already. There can't be all that many unusuals, let alone Ushankas with those spells, but they weren't all that sought after, and were basically perks to say theirs was a little "better".


There were very few instances of people actively looking for these before. I don't know if the market has changed enough, where the fewer traders around and now are actively looking for niche things like items with spells to resell. How many people are asking you for each item, and what was the time frame they started adding you? Also, how willing are you to sell the items?


It's likely you're going to have to figure their value on your own, study the buyers a little, ask the buyers for an offer, see how it compares to what the base value of the items are (not backpack.tf list price, what they're being listed by sellers for). It's rare (at least from what I remember) to find people seeking spells outside of Halloween. To get you started, there are two active listings on backpack.tf for a Team Spirit Fast Learner for 10ref, and a The Value of Teamwork Fast Learner for 13ref. I would expect them to want to pay around 15-16ref. Again, ask them what they think it's worth, since that's likely what they'll pay. Get the base values, so you know what's a low ball.


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