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Looking for any appraisal info on my engineer trio Vivid Plamsa/Searing Plasma/Green Black Hole

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The items are Brainiac Headpiece (Vivid plasma), Mining Light (Searing plasma), and Strange Trencher's Topper (Green Black Hole). I've had the combo for a few years now, and see the market has slowed significantly.


I see there are two sellers up for the same Headpiece ~80keys, and the Mining Light is right around the old backpack.tf price of 54keys. The Trench Topper is 1 of 1 and strange, not sure if the old price is relevant now. It could be 160 total, could be more because of Trench Topper being unique and exclusive. Obviously will sell for much less than 160...

Any opinions regarding their likelihood of being sold together, or estimates from anyone still trading would be greatly appreciated.

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