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fixed "Inspect In-game" Button not working

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I checked the Skins/War Paints section a while ago and was surprised to see the "Inspect In-game" button added back, I immediately started TF2 to check some skins but sadly the button didn't work. I've clicked it multiple times, I've clicked it and waited and still nothing.


As comparison I guess, I checked a random skin on the Steam Market and that one immediately showed up in-game.


Update: Clicking the button without starting TF2 will make the game start but it will not show the skin/war paint.

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I found an answer, I know I'm a little late but it could well be useful to others who have the same issue:


attempt to buy the weapon, but don't accept or confirm the deal; instead look at the trade offer and go to the bot's profile page and then their backpack. You can then search for the weapon and use the inspect in game button from there. This should work considering the steam market uses the steam client for an inspect-in-game button, and scrap.tf doesn't open Steam.


edit: If you wanna test out some war paints, some community servers have commands to allow you to equip any war paint on the acceptable weapons but bear in mind if anyone tries to use this tip that it isn't an accurate command (e.g. if you wanted to use a white tiger buffed weapon for yourself the command will just give you the standard colour, and if for whatever reason you like scratches and blood it won't be insanely accurate but will hopefully give you a general idea of what the weapon will be like.)

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a quick but not amazingly accurate tip for testing out warpaints.

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6 hours ago, degususaskulusku said:


I'm aware of this, and you can also make it faster by just right-clicking on the skin on the Trade Window and then clicking on "Inspect In-game".


But well this also is a bit of a jerk thing to do because you're just "messing" with the bot, constantly making trades but never accepting or declining any of them.

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While they fix this, I have a little trick to find out which bot has the skin

So I just Right click > inspect the skin that I want, and I look for the data-botX-count attribute of the element. X is the bot's "internal" id.
When you have X, search in backpack.tf "tf2scrapX" to get the bot's page. From there you can navigate to the item and get it's inspect link.
This works with pretty much any trade bot (with the exception of bot 88, whose id is scraptf88. But that's a userstorage bot, so it should only affect raffles and auctions).

This process is able to be automated, but I can't link my work here due to scrap.tf's "no promotion" rule (Which I can respect, no shade).


Edit: I found out that the reason why Scrap.TF's inspect in-game link does not work is because they are missing the item id component of the inspect in-game link.

Components of an inspect link: 


Credit to this reddit post for the inspect link components.


The saddest part here is that scrap.tf actually has the item id in every element in the data-id attribute. So really it should be a very simple fix as they just need to insert that data in the middle of the A and the D in the link.

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Found of the reason why link does not work

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