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Display the starting date for scheduled raffles that are not ready.

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Early this year, scheduled raffles were added for premium users: https://scrap.tf/raffles/J3CWNO


When a scheduled raffle is made, there is no way for users to know at what date the raffle will begin. The sender of the scheduled raffle may state the date that it starts but there is no way of confirming what they said is true or not. Already rafflers have decided to use this lack of date info to create "blind" scheduled raffles that may begin at an unknown date, and then linking it publicly for people to periodically refresh a single page.

There have also been instances where big event raffles have set their schedule date for their sub raffles after the main event has started, which often causes confusion and other little disadvantages to the participants depending on the type of event.

Now that the community has picked up on this, there may be continued abuse of this system in the future. To mitigate this, display the date that the raffle will begin on the raffle page, something like this:




Then users will be able to know when the raffle will start if it's ever linked publicly, limiting any surprises that may come from it, or any schedule mistakes or ill-intentions from future rafflers.

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