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i'll start by saying I couldn't find if anything like this has already been/is already being¬†implemented? if so, then¬†oops and this can be deleted ūüėĄ


also, essay incoming


tl;dr is: filter out comments that say bad words/bad stuff such that only staff and the user that posted it can see it. the staff could also receive a report depending on what exactly is said. alternatively just don't send the comment to begin with or autodelete it (although this of course alerts the user). of course this would only apply in specific cases but has multiple potential uses


essentially this would be somewhat similar to a milder version of a reddit shadowban except only for the single comment made at that instant as opposed to all comments made in the future by that user (unless desired):


that is, given the plaintext of a particular raffle comment, if one of the phrases in it matches any of a particular list of strings (case-insensitive), that comment is still published, but is only visible to staff/admin and the particular user who typed that comment


so for example, if someone types something blatantly racist (i'll avoid stating anything particular myself) or even just something spammy (think "i never win", "bots", "give tips", although it doesn't really have to be used for messages like these), the user thinks they have posted it, and in fact they have, but essentially no other general user will see it


if desired, certain words could also trigger an automatic report to staff (again I won't say anything but you can probably guess what I'm talking about)


of course, this would make it impossible for other users to report that comment in particular but that's sort of the cost (and benefit) of the system as they would never have to see it in the first place. anything in particular that escapes would of course have to be reported normally


a full shadowban type thing could also maybe (?) be useful to implement but community bans already serve that purpose


the function of this is essentially to at least somewhat prevent users from having to see particular types of negative comments made towards them in the moment before someone can report and staff can delete them (because although this happens incredibly fast, users who happen to be online at the time said comment(s) are made will get notifications and see comments before any action can be taken)


note that this could also be used to prevent people from posting puzzle raffle answers in puzzle comment sections (although this is pretty rare)


obviously in the case of puzzle raffle answers or extremely inappropriate comments, the users who made the raffles in question can delete them but for puzzle raffles, the user may not necessarily be online when/if someone posts the answer and for general raffles/replies, it would be nice to not have to read those kinds of comments at all. also for megaraffles, there is no raffle creator to delete comments so again this sort of visibility/comment filter option could be useful


again sorry for the essay but i figured if i were going to explain, i might as well explain fully


if anyone has questions, i can of course answer


and yes i am aware how close this could potentially toe the line to outright censorship lol but that isn't really up to me


staff could also have the option of approving filtered/"shadowbanned" comments if they so desire with the addition that they are able to immediately visually tell if a certain comment has been hidden or not (ie with an H next to where the free/premium/p+/SP indicator is).


basically the idea behind this is that there are some things that are inappropriate to say, no matter the context. this combined with rule 2 (no hateful speech at all, even if meant as a joke), makes what might initially seem like too harsh an idea seem more viable. basically it can be ok to blanket "shadowban" particular comments because even if they were meant in jest, certain hurtful words simply have no place here

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