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Steam Status Notifier or Pop-up on Error getting Backpack page

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So basically, what i said in the title


user is trying to trade items with the bot but steam itself is down


if there were an option on the error page like "Check this box to receive a scrap.tf notification or Pop-up when the steam servers are back up/when your backpack should load properly", that would give us a notification or pop-up just like any other - ie you won a raffle, you won an auction bid etc, that would be great


in particular it could say something like "steam should be working/back up, please try again now".


the option could either go back to an unchecked state on successful notification or it could stay permanently checked, that depends on the implementation.


why would this be useful? because steam is frying my brain right now with the downtime and i've clicked retry loading a bunch. i'm sure others have also encountered similar issues before

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