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Patrick McCaw

Cooldown on items that no one bid for

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I believe scrap.tf should implement a 2 day cooldown (more or less) for items that were not bid on. This way there will be a lot less repetitive auctions in the list and allows users to use the site more effectively.

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2 hours ago, Patrick McCaw said:


That'd just be a bit of a "screw you" to people who have expensive/rare items.


Also as much as I'd like it to make people use Auctions properly, this won't really do that, there still will be bad auctions.

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I don't really think there's much of an issue for having repetitive auctions for users and the site itself.


As Gaia mention earlier on expensive items.

Example like Unusual are more likely not to get bid on.


I also think that people wouldn't want their auction longer than 1 day, in case if it never got bid.

So that they are able to re-auction the next day with a better pricing or perhaps find an alternative way to sell it.


Would you rather take the chance of creating an auction that last 4 days that may gets no bids?

Or only able to auction it for a day and have to wait again for 2 days just to re-auction with a better price.


As they say "Time is money"


The answer is probably neither.

I personally think the way it works right now is okay.


Not to mention, the coding time that is needed on this...


Can you also further explain how it "allow the users to use the site more effectively"?

As myself cannot see it. If what you meant by is "bad" repetitive auction, you can't really stop it.


I felt that this would likely cause more problems rather than decreasing it.

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