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acknowledged I'm unable to make a raffle on my Wii U & more

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Hello ScrapTF Staff

It has come to my attention, that i'm unable to make a raffle using my Wii U, DSi and 3DS.

I am quite unsure why I can't make a raffle on these amazing devices. But I simply cannot click the "Make a public raffle" button, using those devices.

Whenever I click the "Make a public raffle" button, nothing happens, same with the other options for making a raffle.

I tried making a raffle from my PC / Android phone, and then going into my Wii U / DSi / 3DS to edit the raffle. But unfortunately i'm unable to do that aswell.

It would be totally cool if you fixed this major bug for Wii U, DSi and 3DS users

Thanks for reading
- Mint Egg (Zippo)

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It isn't really a bug, it's just that the browsers used in said devices are not really compatible with certain functions, libraries, code, etc. from our site due to how old and/or limited said devices are. I'll still leave your ticket open in case Jesse wants to work on some sort of compatibility for said browsers.

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