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pending Unable to raffle Steam items

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Ever since May, I haven't been able to raffle Steam items.


Everytime I tried opening my steam inventory on raffles, it hits me with the same message: Error getting your backpack data from Steam. It never changes, no matter how many times I refreshed the page.

My other inventories work fine, only the Steam inventory troubleshoots.

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19 hours ago, Pascal said:


I had experienced this before until I made a bit of a "discovery", for some reason, the Trove items from the Winter Sale are able to make your Steam Inventory load, I reported this and was told it had been forwarded to Jesse to see if there was an explanation, haven't heard anything else since.


I've checked your Steam Inv. and it seems you do have one of those items, however it's marked as untradable and unmarketable, so if you have a friend who has a tradable/marketable one, you should try to ask them to give it to you for a bit, then see if after you get it your Steam Inv. loads.

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27 minutes ago, Pascal said:

I heard something about the Trove items on this raffle (the guy had the same problem).

I bought it afterwards to see if it works.

Oh yeah I actually tested it with him too, to make sure it wasn't just a coincidence and sure enough, it worked for him.

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