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Please consider adding an option to reject final bid in auctions.

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Created an auction at night and went to sleep, the next day, checked my auction when I was free and found the final bid to be 2 overpriced items and a third item which I've never seen before (Incinerated Barn Door Plank) valued at 1 key plus ref by scrap.tf. Well, literally lost a key plus for my painted cosmetic for an item which is only tradable but not saleable and buy orders are between 5 ref to 10 ref at backpack.tf and marketplace respectively.

Probably this suggestion will not be accepted but at least blacklist this item and items that have no value.

Just wanted to release some pent-up frustration. Sorry about that.


Thank you.

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7 minutes ago, 東城Ƭȍʝȏ♠ヤクザ said:


Being able to reject final bids would be exploited and would just cause more harm than good, you'd have people "changing their minds", rejecting if they didn't get enough profit, rejecting just to troll the bidder, etc.

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