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Editing Raffles

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Alright, now that I have your attention, let me suggest a new feature:


The Edit Box


The basic complaint for editing raffles is for some reason always the same: "People could break rules, then edit their stuff to avoid punishment."


This idea gets around that complaint by preserving the raffle in it's original state. With the press of an edit button, the raffler can type up their corrections. The "Edit Box" would then appear, going between the Main Message and the Poll Area. The mock-up I made omits a poll, with the Box being between the Main Message and Entered Message.

Mock-Up: http://prntscr.com/p6lcim

The box would only appear if an edit was actually made. Only one edit can be made per raffle. (Edit Box cannot be edited afterwards)


With this feature, many mistakes can be corrected.

Ever leave a poll out by mistake? Sure, you can post it in the comments, but that's harder to see, especially if it gets buried by replies. So edit box it!

Ever forget to mention someone you wanted to thank? Give them praise for their donation or whatever with an edit!

Maybe you made a chain raffle but forgot to put the link to the next raffle in the Entered Message. To avoid it being buried in the comments, edit!


All around, an official way to edit raffles is a QoL improvement that many of us want. As said before, this version jumps over potential abuse edits, making it a safe thing to add :)

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