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Thoughts on scream fortress 2019

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A bit over a week in and i'd like to hear what everyone thinks of it. Personally i think it's fine, pretty lazy on valve's part but still and alright update. What do you think?

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Precipice seems like a mistake, a decent red team will be able to stop anything but a high quality, coordinated blue team every time barring some unexpected series of events.


I really do not like how contracts work in casual mode. Once a team takes a lead, there's little motivation to help win the match, it becomes more important to let the match end so contracts can be finalized, however once people complete a contract they'd leave if it didn't require a round end so what do you do. Autobalance is not fairly done IMO. I get thrown into matches that end all the time. It detracts significantly from what used to be a fun time.


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It was.... ok?
The event felt a bit unbalanced at times, sometimes both teams would just mess around to get the contracts and after some were ready they did all they could to end the match as quickly as possible.

I also felt that the boss spawn time was extremely irregular and would interfere in the flow of the match.

For example: While playing on a KOTH map, Merasmus appeared around 4 times, with barely 50 seconds between respawns, making the match flow terrible and annoying most of the players.


A last thing that was a bit dissapointing, and correct me if im wrong, is that the items gained from the missions and the halloween transmutes were uncraftable, unlike last years event, which left me and my friends with alot of cosmetics that we were not going to use and only took space from our inventories.

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I was able to craft some items from the merasmissions. If the item is from 2013 or 2011 or haunted quality it is not craftable. If it is from 2012 or 2014 it is. (I have not yet seen if the 2010 masks are craftable).


i dont like the way the rewards are doled out, as I don't want most of the rewards, just want to finish my 2011 sets, and trying to finish my 2013 collection (2 left). I would really prefer that the contracts not be map or boss specific... give me 5 boss contracts, 15 non map specific contracts (or similar #s) and let me do multiple contracts at once. 

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