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Any tips for a newbie?

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I just started playing TF2 recently, I have 50 hours already, my most being on medic. simply I find him super fun to play, and enjoy being a healer. 

But I'm having issues with using trackpad, is there a setting to make this easier, or any suggested tips for sensitivity? I do somewhat okay when playing, it just makes it hard to use offensive classes like Scout even though he's fun to play. 


Also, is there a way to get cosmetics quickly? without buying crates? I'd really like some cute items for my medic and my other classes I use a lot. Cause I see so many cute and cool loud outs ^^


thank you so much aawhhh!!! 

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i highly recommend you get a mouse as it will make your gaming experience way more enjoyable and eazier for you. but if you cant, mess with your trackpad's sensitivity till you find a good sense that you are comfortable with. eventually you'll adapt if you keep playing for a while.


for cosmetics, you'll naturally get weapons which will turn into metal if you desire. look on Scrap or Backpack for some prices on some stuff that would look cool. i'd recommend just buying a key and breaking it down and buying stuff, since it is the fastest way to get cosmetics, and its only $2.49. also never purchase weapons from the Mann Co. Store. its money wasted on things you can get for free.

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I recommend like being calm when your playing a class make call outs and try to predict where the baddie going to move and also when in a melee battle try baiting them when in a melee fight dont spam click when melee fighting, thnx and have fun newbie

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