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Add a reservation item option

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Basically, earlier I found a specialized killstreak silver botkiller MK.II sniper rifle, and I managed to grab it. But then a error popped up where the bot ran into a unexpected error, I did this two times and eventually someone else got it and then they managed to get an offer from the bot. This is kinda stupid because I got the item first, and the bot just rejected me and gave it to someone else, pretty much. So I think adding a item reservation is a good idea


Can also solve errors like these that people have troubles with.




Image was from Fighter5810 about his situation with these trade errors.


===How It Works?===

If you buy any item(s) as usual. Everything will run as normal, however if you get a error message, you will be given an option to reserve the item(s) or return them back to stock with the others, rather than just slapping them back in, allowing others to steal from you. However, you can only reserve one list of the items you ordered, if you ordered another list of item(s) then it will replace your current reserved items, and return them back to stock.


Edit: There could also be a feature where the item(s) that the user reserves, can only be reserved up to 10 - 30 minutes (< the recommended time limits) to prevent users from hording items.


I think this will be useful, it will allow players to get their profit and items the less stupidity way, and people wont be able to steal items when the first person who claimed them, was me or that particular person. I also see this across the website, as people who grab profitable items get these errors, because they are very soon returned back to stock, then the entire website ends up fighting over this one item...

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