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My response to all allegations against me and ScrapTF

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9 minutes ago, NUMBERS NUMBERS NUMBERS said:

I have some problems with what I've read here.


  1. You have put up a curtain of "harassment hurts my feelings", "they were sexist/homophobes/muhsoggyknee/etc." numerous times, yet the topic at hand involves abuse of a minor (possibly multiple minors.) If you have nothing to hide, you should have made a thread like this earlier and provided some kind of concrete evidence the accusations were false. Instead this thread only appeared after things began to blow up, which looks like half-assed damage control, and prior to now you put up a half-assed raffle. Both of these apologies have appeared on websites you control where you can wipe, edit or ban anyone you please at any time. I'm also not seeing much in the way of evidence that proves you didn't commit these crimes, instead I'm seeing attacks on the accusers that aren't convincing. 
  2. You say there were a lot of "lewd jokes" in the Discord, while at the same time admitting there was no 18 or older disclaimer. That's really bad. Even people with no experience running or designing websites know you need that age disclaimer or there will be issues. How exactly did you fail to put up a disclaimer on the Discord, find out users were underage and then continue to discuss/share inappropriate things anyway? Were you negligent, are you lying or is your story just not entirely transparent? This doesn't add up.
  3. You, a man accused of pedophilia, host an invite-only file hosting service with a precedent for storing your friends' porn. I don't really need to explain this one further.
  4. You claim the "Jesse's Footrest" photograph is of Luna, who you claim was 18 at the time, while later admitting you began some sort of relationship when she was 16 and you were 19. The timestamp in the photo reinforces this very specific age disparity, which would make the photo (that you apparently solicited) child porn, which is illegal. We need proof that she was older than 18 at the time.
  5. The primary whistleblower on this entire debacle, LemonSaviour, was banned from Twitter within hours of dropping the various screengrabs and making these claims. That makes it seem like you (or someone associated with you) dogpiled his account to get it suspended in an effort to hide all evidence. You also continue to ban users who discuss the topic here, claiming it's "harassment" when the actual accusation is far more serious. More than that, people like Geel have targeted users of 4chan, known for anonymous posts and whistleblowing, because... he wanted to pull a prank? That's really convenient.

I get the feeling you will just delete this reply and ban me (you and Geel share that habit), but this thread is a disaster regardless. You really need to provide contrary evidence now that other individuals have provided their own evidence supporting the claims. Otherwise this comes off like shameless (but as always half-assed) damage control.


  1. Yes I did claim some users harassed me over these events, but I also addressed all allegations that were made. I did make an initial response after the twitter thread, but I didn't feel it was necessary to explain personal matters at the time. The only replies we've removed from this thread have been spam of memes.
  2. Yes I said that users did make lewd jokes, and that I was negligent in not enforcing rules against them. This was already said.
  3. Feen.us' primary purpose is not to host porn, but to store screenshots taken with the program ShareX. Anyone who uses the service can attest to this. Any illegal content on the site has never been allowed, and can be reported to me.
  4. I said we began a relationship when he was 17, and the photo was taken when he was not underage.
  5. LemonSaviour being banned from Twitter is out ot my control, it is up to Twitter to determine if it was against their site rules. We have banned no users that have talked about this constructively, only users that have spammed posts.
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The problem wasn't that you were in a relationship with Luna its that Luna was only 17 at the time and you were 20 since you were born in 1996. Also you are banning people for bringing up the thing in the first place. Multiple people asked you to address the multiple screenshots on you being a pedophile but you dont respond and just permanently ban them for some obscure reason. If you want people to take you seriously on these dont immediately ban them if they bring it up. Im not saying you are a pedophile im just saying if you want people to believe you dont just call them homophones racists and fascists get some concrete evidence that you didn't do it and dont ban people for bringing it up. 

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12 minutes ago, Allure said:


If I may ask, what is an example of evidence that could be used in this case to prove innocence?


That's the problem, isn't it? This guy has nudes of someone he started a relationship with when they were 16/17 years old and he was 19/20. He insists the photos were when she was actually 18, but the timestamps involved suggest that isn't true. 

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1 minute ago, NUMBERS NUMBERS NUMBERS said:


That's the problem, isn't it? This guy has nudes of someone he started a relationship with when they were 16/17 years old and he was 19/20. He insists the photos were when she was actually 18, but the timestamps involved suggest that isn't true. 

There are no timestamps on the photo in question. What are you referring to?

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no, he was not. he didnt metion that, he only mentioned some kind of time stamps. i, infact, have found the photo in question(which i will never in my life post because hell no) and i can 100% confirm there are NO time stamps anywhere on it.

i would also like to note that i think there may be some alt account here. all of the ones commenting here AGAINST jesse have 2 things in common:
1. the accounts were made today or very recently
2. the only comments/posts they ever made are the ones on this whole forum post


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