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I have three strange rocket launchers

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just wandering which is the most valuable. they are as follow
Strange Rocket Launcher 
Strange Beggar's Bazzooka 
Strange Black Box 

I also have a Strange Pebbles The Penguin 
any idea on value for any of them would be appreciated.
Thank you

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Hi Big Jim,


The prices as posted on backpack.tf for your rocket launchers are:


  1. Strange Black Box: 19.66-19.77 Ref
  2. Strange Rocket Launcher : 19-19.11 Ref
  3. Strange Beggar's Bazzooka : 10.33-10.44 Ref


As for your penguin friend there is no official price, however, most sell orders are around 20Ref and buy orders about 14.44 Ref.


Hope this helped!



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