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Is confirming item bug a device based problem?

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Sometime it takes 40 seconds to load up a raffle. Other times it takes a mind-boggling 12 hours to confirm items.

Yes, I tested out on two different devices: My normal, cased PC which loads faster and my other LENOVO laptop, takes much more time.

Ignoring internet connection, I doubt this is a device based problem. Can anyone help?

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You are not the only one who is experiencing such problems. I was using a mobile phone and made three different raffles at once, said to start in the upcoming hour this mornin. I have made trades that are “successfully completed” on Steam regarding about trading for the raffle prizes, yet only one of the three raffles made was released and confirmed. Enclosed is two photos of what it currently looks like for me over 5 1/2 hours later, with the same problem, even if the trades went through properly


As knowing I’m using a mobile phone, I believe this is more of a website issue that everyone (from friends on Discord telling me) is experiencing problems of, and not device related. If this is such a case, I wonder how all raffle related items will be traded back to their proper owners as the raffles do not seem to be popping up like they should, even for multiple hours later, and some of us schedule ours on specific times too



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