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Unusuals and questions

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Hello, and welcome to my first post on this forum. I have a few questions about unusuals, some are for everyone who wants to know what they are, and also what would be good buys/ones to get to start. Everyone is welcome to share input/answer, etc.

1) What are unusuals?
2) How can I get an unusual?

3) If I wanted to, what would be a good one to get without breaking the bank per say?
4) Does unusuals affect gameplay or is it strictly cosmetic?

5) With unusuals, is it better to go for all class or specific class?

6) To go along with 5), is it better to go for taunts, hats, weapons, etc.?

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I'll try my best to answer this but I'm not the best with unusuals

1) Unusuals are hats that have special effects added to them like adding love hearts to a hat or putting it on fire

2) Through just buying it or trading up for it slowly

3) Maybe get a cheap all class unusual that doesn't look too bad? (everything from here could be wrong)

4) It's only cosmetic

5) I think it would be better to go all class but maybe if you only play a certain class then just get one for that class

6) Weapons I feel like they are hardly noticable on so you should get em on hats and taunts

I hoped this helps

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