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10 Facts about Yourself

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The Rules are easy post a fact about yourself

1. Your Favorite game on steam
2. Favorite Anime
3. What do you do everyday? (Eg, Daily Activities)
4. Funniest Moment
5. Song you always listening
6. Fast Food Chain (eg, McDonalds, Taco-Bell)
7. Things you hate
8. Favorite Number
9. Favorite Color
10. What Places would you like to visit?

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1. My favourite game changes, I play different games 'seasonally'. Currently having TF2 season
2. I don't like anime
3. My favourite activites are playing with computer and cat and overdosing coffee
4. Having conversations with my cat
5. I don't exactly have one favourite song, that changes a lot. Currently my most listened song might be 'Hau ruck' by KMFDM
6. McDonalds. If eating out, I prefer buffets, though
7. I don't like how fangirl and -boys tend to spread their fandoms everywhere, where its totally irrelevant. Sometimes also haters can be almost as worse, when they go yell 'Thing X sucks' in places, that have nothing to do with the X.
8. 94. Cuz' it's my birthyear
9. Black and green
10. I dont like travelling

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1. Varies. The most consrant ones is TF2, yet most of the time after or while playing it I would tell you I despise it. Really though, it';s that I despise the people I play it with in Valve servers.
2. Again, it varies. I always feel bad when one ends, and the one that got that the most was Chuu-2, so I guess that.

3. I sit around my desk. LIterally that's my faily activity. Once in a while I leave the house to go see a friend or something, but right now it's all looking for jobs/apprenticeships, which I do from home.
4. I have a bad memory so I'll just go with a moment I can remember - I was at my cousin's, as I'd been invited there. GTAV wasn't out yet on PC, and I gave it a shot on his console version. Grabbed a plane and had no idea how to control it. Immediately flew over to the sea and flew it -upside-down- so low that the tip of the tail wing skimmed through the water, then turned straight back around, flew back to the hangar, landed, parked it perfectly, got out and left. I literally left the house. It was late, so I needed to get going anyway, but it was the perfect time to just cut it off and leave.
5. Oh-ho-ho-ho! Here. Enjoy.
6. I don't get along with fast food, so I guess Subway. They're stomachable, filing and their price isn't /too/ high, though they're still not exactly affordable for me.
7. I try not to hate things, but there are a few things - People that play TF2 without even a basic understanding of the game, for example. I don't hate them as a person, I just hate that vague, inhuman entity that I 'see'. I hate the GTAV driver AI, as when I'm on a bike driving down the main 8-lane street, I can guarantee at least one car will pull out directly in front of me and catapult me off if I'm going at a high speed. I hate my own stagefright, which strangely enough applies more to the 'stage' of playing a ranked game than it does to actualy standing on a stage, as I've done the latter one more easily than I have the former. I hate when people cheat in a way that negatively affects other players of the game, be it DRM being introduced that gets i nthe average player's way, or ruining their experience of a single 'round' of said game.
8. Buh... 7? I don't put too much weight onto it.
9. Purple, though I tend to like thigns that are a dark brown, I just like purple hypothetically, rather than in practice.
10. Somewhere in English Canada. I've been to Germany, which is the other place I've wanted to visit.

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1. Probably PAYDAY 2 or Skullgirls, can't really decide on one or the other.

2. Angel Beats! is fav anime, hands down. Nothing will change that.

3. Really, I lie in bed playing games or posting in forums. :)

4. Watching "Dancing Coach." I mean, seriously, nothing has made laugh more than that.

5. Pretty much every song from the Hotline Miami games, but my fav in particular is Carpenter Brut - Escape from Midwich Valley.

6. Always been a McDonalds man myself. Nothing will change that either.

7. I hate half the playerbase of PAYDAY 2, oddly enough. Kick after kick after kick, and for what reason?

8. 23. Don't ask why, I don't know.

9. Riker Red. :)

10. To visit, probably the land of Japan. I'd like to move to America though, preferably Los Angeles.

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1. Skyrim, no dispute.

2. Dunno, Anal  Angel beats was pretty damn good but I enjoyed Oreimo a lot and some others.

3. Nothing special, sit down and do stupid stuff like this. and write in Georgia font because i makes me look like a prick

4. Idk, watching some random shit probs

5. Currently, Hell above

6. Pretty much never go to them, Pizza hut i suppose

7. dogs

8. 4, 11 and 27

9. purple-blue

10. Anywhere

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