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it takes ages to that site to load my inventory for a bid on an auction!

I wonder why does is taking at least 100 times to refresh the site and reconnect to the site back at least 5 times to set a bid on an auction!!!

No you should fix that thing, the site is barley breathing with that thing, how cant you let me bid for a whole 5 min???

for real , it takes so much time to this site to load a inventory. when actually there is 5 min to the bid and there should be a priority. because for some reason on my first try to bid on a 4 days auction it lets me bid but on a auction that is going to end in 5 min . and it starts telling me that i should try and reconnect into my account on the site or "OPEN MY FKING INVENTORY" when i actually was bidding on another auction.!!! 


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They can't really fix it you know, the reason your inventory isn't loading is because of steam api (how it tracks items). They can't really do anything for now, we'll just have to deal with it for now 😕 Only thing you could do is  comment on the auction and say how much you want to bid and say that "my inventory isn't loading on the auction so I'm going to say how much I could offer" or something else like that.

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