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I understand this is totally for fun gambling, but when I see Geel win a round by dropping HUGE $$$ items at the last second is BS.


This is basically stealing from all the people that you just got to enter  through your raffle page.


The least you could have done is use an alt. account.




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Exact reason why I'm not gonna use Sweetstakes. The staff members literally use it to steal items from others by adding in items that cost a whole lot more than the rest. I'm honeslty about to put Geel's websites off if him and the others continue this crap. It's not only unfair to the others, it's even cheating and scamming. I'm not giving up my Specialized Killstreak AWPer Hand for this crap, as specially if some jackass ends up adding in a bait item so they can get everything. I also hate it how the bots require you to have a total of $2.00 in your deposit and that no items can be lower than $0.12. It's like Geel is TRYING to make people leave Scrap.TF and his other websites.

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