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Last time I talked to a guy that made an auction, The auction was about to end and I told him that I am willing to pay around the price he was looking for, and I added him and that went great.

But after that I got a warning for something I didn't really get.

My question is if I am allowed to tell someone on an auction : "Hi , if this auction end without a bid. Add me we can discuss it" or something like : "If you really want and this auction will end , you can add me and I quick buy it - quick sell."

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No, this isn't allowed, as this is requesting off-site trades. All bids have to be made through the bidding system. If they put their minimum bid too high or have the accepted items not set up correctly, they'll have to remake the auction.

In the future, please post questions about the site at the Help&Support forums.

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