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A new type of Scam

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Yesterday, on 02/08/2021 at 6am, my whole inventory valued at almost 2.5k refined, has been stolen away from me. The scammer added me, started talking about how he needed another player for is highlander team, and sent me a website link. I did not want to join his team so instead he asks me to vote for him. So I do it, thinking what could be the worst thing that can happen. Then, when I try to log in the day this post was made, I notice my whole inventory was gone. Somehow, these guys had transferred my steam guard onto their devices from me attempting to register a simple forum account on that website. If anyone wants the URL to inspect, I can find it again as well as share a screenshot of what a URL checker had to say about it. And now, I have been left dirt poor and pissed, after working so hard to build that inventor up from when I started playing this game. If anyone can help me recover, it would be a godsend.






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Sadly this is not that new of scam. I encounter it like 5 month ago. Basically, If anyone ever tell you to login to site, you never heard of. DON'T login in or click on link. I highly recommend sending this to steam rep and report this user to steam. I am not going to beat around the bush but steam won't help much in getting your item back. sadly you have to start again or spent money again. I highly suggest joining trading community, so you can ask trader for help. if you ever find yourself weird add. Plus watch theVirtualEconomist on how to avoid ever scam. 


I forget to mention change your password!

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