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Server 2 - Map Suggestions

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Sorry to be bothering ya with all this, but I was wondering if there was a chance we could see a couple more trade maps introduced into the Server 2 rotation. Having played on the old trade server quite a bit back in 2017-2019, a lot of the maps there are seriously nostalgic (at least for me) and it's pretty entertaining just rocket jumping around and looking for new things to explore. That being said, it really could do with the tiniest bit more variety in the selection, at least in my opinion.


Here's a handful of maps that I thought might be neat additions:


- ww_outset_island


- trade_3d_land_v3


- trade_saturnvalley

- pkmn_blackthorncity_b1


There's also a much more updated version of trade_clocktown_b2a out there that includes the rest of Termina (as opposed to just exclusively Clock Town) titled trade_clocktown_v1a. It'd be neat to see the map finally replaced with its updated version as it sorta just feels like a more lackluster version of trade_oot3d_hyrule as is, no worries either way.


I know y'all already got a ton on your plate though, so it's no problem if things are too busy to worry about something this relatively trivial. I still love the server all the same, I'd just like to see it get a bit more pizazz, ya know? Anyways, I'll stop rambling, thanks for reading through this whole wall of text and whatnot. 😄


Have a nice day,

- TheJollyRoger

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