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What ever happened to Father Grigori

Mr. ZoneTown

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Seriously what happened to him? As far as I've seen I conclude that he either died in Ravenholm or survived until the Citadel exploded. Judging off of what official and canonical information we have with the Half-Life games that released and were not cancelled, what do you think happened to him? Maybe you have an official answer or a good enough answer that could put this mystery to rest?

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2 hours ago, Marvash Magalli said:

He 100% died, that should be a given. He was pretty set on staying there with his "congregation" even if they've turned in to zombies, so he didn't escape, because he didn't want to. If he survived after sacrificing himself at the end of his act, that would just ruin his arc and the resolution he showed.

Makes sense.

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