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having a problem with selling steam games


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so when i go to sell steam games, it says. 

 We ran into an issue loading your backpack from Steam

Steam returned an empty inventory.

Retry Loading

  • Make sure that your privacy settings are set to public1.
  • If you are a F2P user, check your Steam inventory to make sure that you own any tradeable2 items that we accept.
  • Sometimes we cannot load backpacks from Steam. Please try again or wait until Steam is working again.
1 private, friends only, logged in users only will not allow us to retrieve your backpack data
2 tradeable items do not have (not tradeable) in their item description, as F2P you can only trade items you received from other players


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5 hours ago, CabFish said:

You gotta buy a game as a gift in your Steam inventory, you can only trade those

Had to*

Buying games as items from steam is no longer possible, sadly. They removed that option a few years ago and now you can only trade the ones that were already created back when it was possible.

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