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I think the auctioneer is a scammer

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So there are 5 skin auctions that were created and I checked those items history. So from the history, he seems to scam someone by pretending to be a bot. 


So this is the victim comparison :




The auctioneer :




The "bot" :




I managed to win 4 of 5 from the auction. Should I pay the bid and pretending he isn't a scammer by any chance? Or someone could handle it?

Cuz probably he just wanna get quick pure by creating these auctions.


This is what I believed.



And I only have 22 hours from now.

Help me!


Please write your opinion as well.


Edited : The fifth auction was actually my friend won it. So got all of it I guess.


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1 hour ago, Gaia&apos;s Minion said:

You could/should report the user so then Staff can look more into it and take action if necessary.

I've done it twice but they said I should report to the marketplace or steamrep 🤨

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