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Is it safe to close browser while in queue for trade?

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I am selling a key for ref. I don't mind waiting a long time, but I have to leave my house in a bit and take my laptop with me. I'll be shutting it off. Will I lose my spot in queue?


I started at 96th, took a while to get to 93rd, I don't want to connect again and find myself at 100+ lol. Obviously I could test this easily but like I said I don't wanna lose my spot. I'm brand new to this.


@Scrap.tf if you're reading and you think my experience is common, you might consider adding info to the queue-popup-box that tells users whether or not they can close the page.

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Alright I closed the browser on accident LOL and it was okay, I feel like I should leave this up for anyone else who was concerned about this stumbling upon it

I do still feel like some small additional info would be appropriate (like the kind where you hover mouse over a circle with a ? or "i"), obviously not a big deal though

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