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Game Banking Suggestions Thread

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Here you can suggest new games and updates to game prices if they become outdated.

I will fullfil your requests if they are sensible.

Required Conditions:

  • Popular games preferred (that does not necessarily mean good games)
  • No cheap DLC
  • Game must have been on sale in the past (not much sense to list games at their normal steam prices)
  • Must work with our bots (very few games don't)

Also: make sure it is not already listed here: https://scrap.tf/games

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Added Shovel Knight, Crypt of the Necrodancer as well as RUNNING WITH RIFLES.

Not gonna add Citites or GTA V for now since they had no significant sales and expensive games are of a high risk of falling in value quickly.

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Maybe dungeon defenders collection ? costs £40 in the steam store so you could add it to your bots to buy for around 20-21 keys maybe ? 20*1.7 = 34 then you could sell it for much higher. Hope this gets added because there are many gift copies of this game going around so the scrap.tf community could benifit alot out of this

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Back from vacation, lets talk about your suggestions:

Space Engineers is added (just not available when you posted probably).

Dead Island:Epidemic is free apparently, not gonna add it.

Starbound added (didn't have any significant sales though)

@Beast: Which Dungeon Defenders Collection do you mean? Store URL please. I added http://store.steampowered.com/sub/15481/ 

God Mode added (not sure anyone will actually buy or sell that, but whatever)

Guns of Icarus Online (and Collectors) added

Particulars had no sales yet, please remind me again once people start offering copies somewhere

Developer Alliance Bundle: found no sellers, not sure about market price

Killing Floor is already listed

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