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Because this place is more dry then the main website

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i am just gonna post about my day, considering this place is drying then bikini bottom after spongebob pulled the "MAIN DRAIN" (Caps for "Effect")


im gonna 4chan it because its funny:troll:


>be me

>wake up


>see if scrap.tf is functional yet


>load up tf2





>snipers trying to kill god himself, saying "GOOD SHOT MATE" and spamming a t.me link and slurs


>cry because no viaduct

>cry some more

>re Q

>1 minute passsed

>no casual match

>cancel Q

>join skial

>forgot im banned

(i said funny gamer words)

>re Q (again) for casual


>fuck it

>download ow2

>absolutely fucking mid game

>tf2 is unplayable

>cry again

>load up comp match

>instalock widowmaker

>widow goes 1 (Kills) / 2 (Assists) / 33 (Deaths)

>game ends

>widowmaker drops the nword

>widowmaker tells me to kms (im going 21 / 4 / 3)


>drop the most vile disgusting that would get me 94 life sentences insult too exist

>close ow2

>go on the scrap.tf forums

>now i'm here!




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