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I'm making a TF2 crate simulator


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Hi everyone!

Today I want to show you something I was working on for some time: TF2 Unbox Simulator.

Some pictures: http://imgur.com/a/a7GcF

Well... what can I say? You can open crates and see what's inside. Unboxed items will go to your inventory (which is still WIP).

All you can do for now is open crate #1 and see what might be inside crates #1 and #2. Also, there are no unusuals yet.

But hey, that's just the beginning! I plan to add seriesless crates too, with fully working stockpile crates! (You have to type something, and based on that 4 items will be chosen, and when you open the crate 1 of those 4 items will be inside).

The simulator isn't released yet, I plan to do so after crates #1-5 are fully working.

So, what do you think?

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Hmmm, what makes your simulator different than the main simulator people use already aside from getting the correct items/unusuals from the respective crates


1. It's pretty outdated, you can't open all of the crates.

2. I don't like that this simulator opens crates instantly. Also, most people just use spacebar to quickly open crates until a unusual pops out.

3. It doesn't save your items. Yeah, there are statistics how many weapons/hats/paints etc. you unboxed but you don't know how many specific items you unboxed. Also, refresh the simulator and poof, everything's gone.

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Make a TF2 crafting game plz. Random items spawn in ur inv and you have to craft them. You lose when ur inv gets full. I know it exists in chrome and another website I'm too lazy to go look for but they're all outdated Dx You get to craft a key with 2 ref ._________.

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